hrAchieve consultants provide a broad range of services focusing on maximizing the effective utilization of human resources in all industries.

With decades of direct management experience in a variety of businesses, our consultants will first ensure they understand your needs before presenting solutions. hrAchieve clients can realize an immediate improvement in their business operations. The focus on individuals means that changes can be lasting and engaging, providing a competitive edge to client organizations.

Solutions fall into two broad categories:

Human Resources

We have experience in providing solutions in all areas of Human Resources management, focusing on Performance, Process & Systems.

Performance and rewards are key drivers of an effective workforce. Change management is an essential part of adapting to today's volatile environment.

HR Systems and effective use of employee information holds exceptional potential to drive your business and plan for the future.

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Business Management/Education

Our goal is to "motivate" you to better manage your entrepreneurial business through development of a viable business plan. At the same time, we will "inspire" you to think outside the box in order to be successful in your chosen business.

- Another service we provide is to "educate" your employees and you, as required, specializing in Business English (for English as a second language speakers) and Communications for supervisors.

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