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Human Resources

hrAchieve is dedicated to the improved utilization of people in the workplace. A remarkable change can be made by focusing on key elements that are missing in many organizations. A consultant will work with your team to diagnose your existing situation and make recommendations for the solutions you need.

Human Resources practices can be updated, including replacing costly, under-valued components with employee-valued, performance-driven rewards that attract and retain valuable employees.

Human Resources

Work processes can be revised by involving the people doing the work, resulting in buy-in to changes and swift implementation, followed by continuous improvement techniques.

Performance measures are instituted throughout the organization, on company, group/team and individual objectives. This focus on metrics results in a team that operates in a unified manner, productively and efficiently.

Underlying these focus areas, hrAchieve has extensive systems experience and expertise and will ensure that the technical support required for implementation is properly managed and in place.

Finally, there are situations where all a business needs is a Human Resources practitioner who is knowledgeable and skilled enough to join the team on a temporary basis and get the work done. When you are short-handed or don't have the expertise for a particular challenge, hrAchieve consultants will assist you in providing quality service in a timely fashion to your people.

Products & Services - Examples

  • Strengthening HR program integration, linking succession planning and talent management to compensation/reward plans

  • Implementing recruiting and retention plans to deal with shortages of key talent in your organization

  • Implement total compensation/rewards plans, focusing employees and candidates on the value of your plan. Providing improvements where needed, ensuring market-based compensation is in place.

  • Providing/managing communications strategy for Human Resources initiatives

  • Designing effective Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

  • Managing the human resources side of mergers and acquisitions, including employee communications.

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